R/010/3/0080 (A9287) 10/18

This programme prepares students for two major pathways of Degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, which are Engineering and Computing.  Students will be equipped with elementary to intermediate level of knowledge on the respective pathway after the completion of this foundation programme.

In Semester 1, students will explore their first programming language of which they will analyse, design and develop an IT solution for a business case. At the same time, students will build a solid background on Mathematics for their chosen pathway in Semester 2.

In Semester 2, students will explore more into their chosen pathway. For students who choose the Computing pathway, they will learn various programming languages, such as structured C++ programming in Semester 2 and Object-Oriented Java programming in Semester 3. Students will learn to create simple and yet functional programs from these languages.

On the other hand, for students who choose the Engineering pathway, they will be equipped with technical knowledge in Engineering-related modules, such as Mechanics, Electrical and Electronics, and instrumentation and measurements in Semester 2; and Applied Physics and Materials Science in Semester 3.

Students can also select the Science pathway which prepares them to continue their degree in chemistry-related degrees such as Chemical Engineering.

Furthermore, students from all pathways will also benefit from applying the MATLAB software in their mathematics modules.

To conclude, this foundation programme provides students a strong solid background on the respective pathway to degree programmes of study.


1 years (3 semesters)


January, April & July

Entry Requirements

SPM (Science stream):

Minimum 5 credits (inclusive of English)


Minimum 4Bs (inclusive of English)

GCE O Level (Science stream):

Minimum 5 credits (inclusive of English)


Engineering/Science degree:

Additional credits required in Mathematics and Physics

Computer Science/Software Engineering degree:

Additional credit required in Additional Mathematics

Information Technology/Information Systems degree:

Additional credit required in Mathematics

* For SPM students, a pass in Malay Language and History is required.


• Analytical Mathematics
• Communication and Study Skills
• Computer Technology
• Personal and Professional Development
• Advance Office Software


• Calculus Mathematics
• Mechanics ** / #
• Instrumentation and Measurements **
• Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Engineering **
• Software Design Techniques***
• Web Design***
• Structured Programming ***
• Fundamentals in Chemistry #
• Physical Chemistry #


• Engineering Mathematics ** / #
• Applied Physics ** / #
• Materials Science **
• Group Project
• Database ***
• Object-Oriented Programming***
• Systems Analysis and Design***
• Organic and Inorganic Chemistry #

** Students who wish to specialise in Engineering are required to take these elective modules.
*** Students who wish to specialise in Computing are required to take these elective modules.
# Students who wish to specialise in Science are required to take these elective modules.



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