CDC Services

Carl Duisberg Centren (CDC) is a one-stop service provider for students' pathway to a German University of Applied Sciences. They have been very well connected to almost all public universities for more than 50 years and thus they can advice and guide students according to their personal preference. Its support extends beyond the preparation course, university selection, application and admission. 

The CDC German Language course aims at preparing students for admission into engineering/applied science degree course at German Fachhochsculen (Universities of Applied Sciences) upon successful completion of the Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT).

Benefits of studying in Germany:

  • Germany has become one of Malaysia’s largest trading partners in Europe. More than 400 German companies are currently operating in Malaysia.
  • There are more than 400 universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany offering about 16,000 different degree courses.
  • Germany is among three countries worldwide with the largest foreign student population.
  • Studying in Germany is very hands-on and practical.
  • Finally, studying in Germany is free. There are no tuition fees for German and international students.

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