R/010/3/0079 (A9093) 09/18

The Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) programme is an internationally recognised modular pre-university programme which comprises 50% coursework and 50% external examination. To successfully complete the programme, the students are required to meet the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy by passing the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA).

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority of Western Australia which comes under the Government of Western Australia, oversees the quality implementation of the AUSMAT programme.


10 months




Entry Requirements

SPM / GCE O Level (Science):

Minimum 5 credits (inclusive of English, Mathematics and 1 Science subject)

SPM / GCE O Level (Arts):

Minimum 5 credits (inclusive of English and Mathematics)

UEC (Science):

5 Bs (inclusive of English, Mathematics and 1 Science subject

UEC (Arts):

5 Bs (inclusive of English and Mathematics)

Note: For SPM students, a pass in Malay Language and History is required.

Students are required to take 5 subjects including English as an Additional Language (EALD) or English, and 4 subjects from the list below:

List A

• English
• English as an Additional Language/Dialect
• Economics

List B

• Accounting and Finance
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Mathematics Methods
• Mathematics: Specialist
• Physics

MPU Compulsory Subjects 

All Malaysian and International students are required to take 3 MPU compulsory subjects.


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