First City University College

The word “FIRST” signifies that First City University College is a premier educational institution in Malaysia. The conjoined numeric ‘1’ and the letter ‘F’ indicates the university college’s vision to be a leader in the private education sector.

The Golden Griffin

The Coat of Arms depicts a golden griffin which represents a powerful and majestic creature. With its wings spread, ready to soar to greater heights, and head facing to the right to show the motion of constantly moving forward, the griffin signifies triumph in the face of any challenges.

Nothing beats the steady arms and legs of the griffin that can sprint for success and credibility. Its 12 talons signify the number of months in a year, and the hours on the face of a clock, representing completion.

Other elements

The shape of a shield is used to portray power, strength, authority and wisdom. The laurel leaves symbolise martial victory, usually awarded to champions in the Greek Ancient Olympics.

In terms of colour, red represents a vibrant and dynamic environment with top notch education standards to empower students for the future. Gold represents precious elements to portray First City University College as a prestigious institution with years of proven track record in numerous achievements.