Zero Fees for Foundation in Engineering, Science & Technology

Zero Fees for Foundation in Business Administration

Zero Fees for Foundation in Art & Design

Start your studies at 0 fees!

We are inviting you to start your studies at First City UC at ZERO fees! If you register for any of our Foundation programmes and commit to continue with our Bachelor’s Degree, you would be able to start your Foundation class without paying any tuition fees for the first semester.  When you start your Degree programme after completing the Foundation course, we will further give a 30% discount off the first semester’s tuition fees. This All-In-1-Package offer is limited and on first come, first served basis.

First City UC currently offers 3 foundation programmes in:

Art & Design

Business Administration

Engineering, Science & Technology

These programmes provide pathways for you to pursue degrees in:

Graphic, Interior, Interactive, Furniture & Product Design,

Business Management, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Mass Comm, Hospitality & Tourism Management and

Engineering, Computing and Information Systems

Contact our Marketing Department at 03 7727 3200 or email to find out more or book an appointment. You can also visit our website at and our official Facebook and Instagram pages @firstcityuc.

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